Pastor John and Beth Smith
Pastor John Smith began this journey over 25 years ago with a clear ultimatum from God. The choice was to either be great in God’s kingdom or great in the world. Pastor John chose to be great in God’s kingdom. This road hasn’t been easy nor has it always been rewarding in the earthly sense, but following the Heavenly Father is more than enough.

John’s heart has always been to evangelize and disciple the lost. He began his ministry during college and brought a church of 25 to 60+ within 18 months. After college he and his family moved to pastor a second church of 35 and within 2 ½ years averaged 70.

During these first years of pastoring, John felt God prompting him to reach out beyond the church and its walls. As a result, he moved to Maine to start a new work. The soil was hard and the hours long, but a core group was established. This group was then merged with another church start in the area, and the combined effort is still alive today.

The Smith family then moved to Oklahoma and have pastored there for the last thirteen years. This church, too, experienced growth under John’s leadership and is now supporting missions both locally and globally on a scale beyond what they have ever done.

The desire for new works and missions has never left John’s heart, and as a result, he and his family are now moving to Texas to raise up men and women who will teach what they learn and make disciples.